Indoor Drag Lines

Need to order indoor drag lines from Dr. Melese?

  • Designed to deal with behavior problems inside the house, Let your dog drag this lightweight leash around the house, and it will help you to teach your dog to behave properly in the house.
  • This black round braided nylon (to avoid catching on furniture) is ten ft. long with a swivel clip on just one end, which can be clipped on any collar or harness to help train your dog.
  • For best training success try this drag line with a head halter such as the Gentle Leader.
  • The round braid design is less likely to catch on furniture than the flat webbing of a regular leash, making it ideal to use around the house.
  • This specific indoor drag line was developed by the makers of the Gentle Leader head halter and has gone through original assessment/testing to determine an ideal length and material to use to help improve the behavior of indoor dogs. This is the ORIGINAL Gentle Leader indoor drag line previously available from Premier Pet Products. NOT a “knock off” copy.
  • Very light (1.2 oz./35 grams) so can easily be used on any size dog.
  • Great help to “back up” obedience commands indoors to help increase a reliable response by your dog.
  • Helps you signal to your dog even when up to 10 feet away (for example to NOT jump up on visitors or young children, come when called, “Leave it” when instructed; “Quiet” when told to stop barking, Off furniture, etc.).
  • Helps “back up” your obedience commands without having to “show up” next to dog, which can give the dog negative attention for misbehavior since even negative attention can reinforce unwanted behavior.
  • Helps avoid needing to reach towards a dog that reacts poorly when handler reaches for the dog or collar.
  • A favorite for experienced behaviorists and professional dog trainers!
  • Does your dog chew? IF YOUR DOG IS LIKELY TO CHEW LEASHES, USE A STRONGLY AVERSIVE TASTE REPELLENT ON THE DRAG LINE before using it to minimize chewing PRIOR TO DOG’S EXPOSURE TO THEM. For more details on using the Indoor Drag Line as a training aid see this document.

How to order from Dr. Melese?

The wholesale (bulk) costs are: $4.00 each plus shipping & Handling (S&H) up to #30 then drops to $3.75 each plus S&H for 31-99. For those that order a full box of #100 the cost will be $3.50 each + S&H (around $30-35). Generally, suggested retail is $10-14. Please let us know how many you would like us to send you so we can get them out to you and let us know exactly what shipping address you would like us to use for these if we pay for the shipping & then bill you S&H.

Generally we trying to do this “in house” to keep costs low so up to now we have just sent an e-mail with drag line total + S&H total for grand total due asking for check to be sent to my home office (better than to the clinic) to pay for the order (at your very earliest convenience please). If you prefer, for a small convenience fee to cover the extra cost (generally 3%) we could punch in a credit card for payment. Help us spread the word to other behaviorists & trainers that we have them available!