Shelter Program

A special offer for adopted pets from any local animal shelter or rescue organization! Whatever your pet’s past history, going home with you is a new experience and making a successful adjustment can take time and patience.

Veterinary Behavior Consultants (VBC) is here to help make that adjustment as easy as possible. Get the best behavior from your new best friend! When you make an appointment with a VBC associate within three (3) months of adoption (a copy of the adoption agreement from your shelter will be required at the time of appointment), your 1.5-hour “lite/mini” consultation will be discounted by $50 from pets that do not qualify (please see this page for latest pricing)!! Just ask about the “Adoption Special” when you call for your appointment (limited availability). (Note: that this is NOT the same as a full, customized conventional behavioral work-up, diagnosis and detailed explanation/demonstration of treatment plan since those typically take 2.5-3.5 hours).

It is particularly important for the pet owner to come prepared to audiotape the session since whatever treatment discussion we are able to have will need to proceed quickly, and you are likely to need to review the recording a couple of times to glean as much as possible from the initial appointment discussion. In this “lite/mini” appointment we can briefly assess your pet and give you some initial suggestions for getting your new friend on the “right paw.” For complicated, dangerous, chronic problems a regular full appointment is suggested and further follow-up appointments may well be needed but, in this case, we do offer a 5% discount for recently adopted shelter pets (see above) on the full consult fee (full, NOT “mini/lite” appointments, which are already discounted).

Please fill out a Request An Appointment form if you are interested in taking advantage of this amazing offer!