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Downloadable documents for Veterinary Behavior Consultants:

Client forms to download in preparation for behavior appointment & return – Click Here

ALL owners of pets with behavior problems please download the above file and fill out as completely as possible and then return to us prior to appointment as indicated on forms.

Please let us know if you have trouble with this download or document format. If you would like a version you can fill out electronically download this version CLICK HERE (IF your browser gives you the option it is best to “save as” when prompted and open from the saved file on your computer where you saved it) and then open using a Word Processor like MS Word.

You are welcome to write up additional information in a narrative or other format but please be sure you also fill out our history form since the doctor will likely only have time to skim/review the practice form information before bringing you in for a complete behavioral history interview portion.

The process of filling out the history also helps you get the information that you may have to track down for the appointments and allows you to think through and prepare for the appointment so the answers are “on the tip of your tongue” when the doctor needs them. The doctor may also quickly skim some of the details with you and slow way down to carefully further investigate part of the history, which will be critical for his diagnosis and treatment of your case. Do the best job to be clear, concise and descriptive when filling out the forms so you can help us help you with your pet’s behavior problems. Clients with Bird behavior problems please contact us for a “bird specific” history form set we can e-mail or fax to you

VBC Ritualistic Behavior Hx. Forms – Click Here

Please only use the above additional “ritualistic behavior” forms for appropriate cases that exhibit ritualistic/repetitive/OCD/Stereotypic problem behaviors (such as chasing lights & reflections, excessively grooming, snapping at invisible flies, etc.). NOT FOR MOST OWNERS WITH OTHER BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS. Please download this Microsoft Word File and fill out and return IN ADDITION to general client history forms & directions above. If you are not sure if you should also fill out this form ask staff when you request an appointment or e-mail us.

Attorney/legal case information – CLICK HERE

Attorney information for legal services that Dr. Melese provides including fee list and biography/CV click on link above.

Full set of Referral forms for Vet. Practices only – CLICK HERE

Click above to download a full set of referral information for Dr. Patrick Melese’s referral behavior specialty practice. This download also includes the referral form. In addition this download includes information about the referral behavior practice that is appropriate for veterinary practice use rather than for pet owners as well as the two page Q&A (FAQ) piece that is to copy to give to clients and also posted on this website for clients. This download has the same information that is mailed as part of a “referral packet” but here you can print clean originals and get updates since they cannot be mailed out to hundreds of practices each time a change is made. CLICK HERE to just download a single page referral form for professionals referring to Dr. Melese

We believe you can never stop learning, and there is so much information available, so we have created a page of links and resources that we think you might find useful.

Choosing a dog or cat to Avoid Behavior Problems

Click on the hyperlinks here to download documents about choosing a dog or choosing a cat in such a way that you can avoid many behavior problems and set yourselves up for success! This also includes a section on what to do once you have adopted your new pet.

VBC Tips For Choosing A Dog
Review this site for helpful hints tips that we have compiled for choosing the right dog for you.

VBC Tips For Choosing A Cat
Review this site for helpful hints tips that we have compiled for choosing the right cat for you.

This is the link to the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB), a specialty college of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).
American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB)

Dog bite law website – lots of useful information for attorneys, owners and others
Link to very complete web site concerning legal aspects of dog bites. Dog Bite Law
This website contains useful information and solutions for victims, lawyers, canine professionals and dog owners concerning legal aspects of dog bites.

Decoding your Dog: The Ultimate Experts Explain Common Dog Behaviors & Reveal How to Prevent or Change Unwanted Ones
The top dog behaviorists in the country – the top researchers, scientists, and veterinarians – have teamed up with a renowned media personality to create the most cutting-edge, scientifically accurate, definitive book on the most popular behavioral issues that dogs face.

Decoding Your Cat: The Ultimate Experts Explain Common Cat Behaviors and Reveal How to Prevent or Change Unwanted Ones

A specific website that has a number of books on behavior problems in pets (we cannot make any comment as to appropriate nature of any of the material or that some or any are appropriate for your particular case) and other pet topics.

Online Store
This website is our online pharmacy.

Rescue Partner Breed Listing
Although we are not set up to provide free help for pet owners only looking to rehome their pets, there is a good resource list of rescues that you can access by visiting this site.

Animal Behavior Society for certification especially if you are not a veterinarian but you have graduate work in field of behavioral sciences.

This link is to a commercial website Pet Expertise that carries many behavior aids and products to assist you in completing the treatment plan laid out by your behavioral consultant.

Although we are NOT set up to provide free information about rehoming your pet (you can, of course, set up an appointment for us to evaluate your pet regarding possible rehoming versus working on your pet’s behavior problems in it’s current home), the link below does provide a good resource list of rescues although resources change, close and new ones show up regularly over the years.

Looking to re-home your pet? See this link for good local resources.

Click on link to download a referral form for veterinarians to use in order to best refer patients for behavioral evaluation with Dr. Melese. Although this is not required to see your referred patient it is helpful to coordinate care. Once filled in you can either Fax it, e-mail it or “snail mail” it to us.

Contributing author of new book for dog owners Decoding your Dog: The Ultimate Experts Explain Common Dog Behaviors & Reveal How to Prevent or Change Unwanted Ones.
Check it out here: