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Ants in the cat food over hot summer?

We were attacked by ants who got into our cat’s food (we free fed them, which works well in our case) at home. Apparently many people in our S. Cal region are seeing ants enter and roam in their homes. I decided I still wanted to free feed our older cats (various medical reasons specifically for our cats) kibble but did not want to waste food to ants. I came up with a “double boiler” like set up by using a large dog food stainless steel bowl with a small amount of water to create a “moat” between edges of stainless bowl and pottery/ceramic somewhat heavy cat bowl we use. I will try to insert a picture of the set up on the photo page. So far 4 days out I changed the water that had a couple of dissolving kibbles but, although there are ants attacking other part of our house, the cat bowl has remained ant freelaughing

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