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Clomicalm back on the market “just in time” for huge spike in cost of generic Clomipramine!

We recently had to get a patient on a tricyclic medication using the active ingredient of Clomipramine HCL. For many many months the FDA approved “gold standard” veterinary product Clomicalm by Novartis Animal Health has been either off the market or very difficult to get hold of but is fortunately now available again in the 5, 20 and 80mg tablet sizes! At about the same time it seems that the cost of “generic” human Clomipramine HCL (generic for human tricyclic medication Anafranil) has “spiked” way up in cost! Just having priced out 2 months treatment for a dog needing between 75-80mg per day it would cost about $200 for the human generic Clomipramine but only around $120 to use the better FDA approved Clomicalm (2 bottles of 80mg #30). So it seems that now we can get a better, branded and FDA approved veterinary medication (and support the entire R&D, research and verification in our veterinary patients process, which is CRITICAL to getting new animal-specific and studied for use in animal pharmaceutical products rather than just “winging it” with human products and hoping for the best) rather than a human generic so your patient get the best for less! At least this will be the case for a while until (if) the price of generic human Clomipramine goes back down some time in the future. We are just very lucky that the FDA approved veterinary Clomicalm medication is there when we need it! Thanks Novartis and keep it coming, our patients need help and we need the proper, tested and affordable “tools” to help them!

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